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Hello! We are Núria, Pasqual, and Georgina, co-founders of Lawwwing (formerly Ibamu). We created Lawwwing with the vision of providing a tool for all websites to easily comply with regulations.

Both Núria and Georgina are lawyers and we saw the need for a tool that facilitates the regulatory compliance of websites, because, did you know that 90% of websites do not comply? and Pasqual, an engineer, is the one who saw the option to develop a plugin that offers websites what they need in a completely automated and personalized way.

We have come together to make life easier for all those who, like us, pursue their dream through their website, because did you know that penalties for non-compliance with data protection laws can reach 4% of annual turnover? We work daily so that our clients can focus on their business and don't have to worry about the legal issues of their website.

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Created by lawyers, developed by engineers, and updated by specialists.

Fotografía Nuria Moreno Ambel Fotografía Nuria Moreno Ambel

Núria Moreno Ambel

Fotografía Pasqual Guerrero Fotografía Pasqual Guerrero

Pasqual Guerrero

Fotografía Georgina Viaplana Pique Fotografía Georgina Viaplana Pique

Georgina Viaplana Pique


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