How to install Lawwwing?

Lawwwing can be installed on any website by either copying our widget directly onto your website or by using one of our plugins for web creation platforms. If you have any doubt contact us.

Can I customize it to match my website design?

Of course! Make the user experience on your website unbeatable. With Lawwwing:

  • We detect the font you use on your website and adapt the texts.
  • You can choose the background colors of the Cookies Banner, as well as the buttons.
  • You can choose the place and the way in which you want the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, and Purchase Terms and Conditions to be displayed, either in the footer that we automatically install for you or through hyperlinks.

Is it available in more languages?

Yes! Currently our platform is in English and Spanish. If you need another language, contact us and we will provide you with a solution that fits your needs.

Is there a commitment?

No, at Lawwwing we want you to stay convinced with us, so when your subscription ends you can always unsubscribe without penalties.

Why is it paid?

At Lawwwing, we work daily to ensure that websites comply with all regulations, for this we have a team of specialized lawyers and engineers dedicated to maintaining our solution. We have designed an annual subscription model for corporate and e-commerce websites to fit the budgets of all types of websites.

Why is it a subscription?

To ensure that your website always complies with the regulations and changing criteria of the courts, tribunals, or data protection authorities, our team of specialized lawyers keeps all the texts up to date and updates them automatically because they are hosted on our server, so you can relax about the legal issues of your website.

How to install the plugin in Wordpress?

  • Access the "Plugins" tab in your WordPress Administration Panel.
  • Click on add a new plugin and search for "Lawwwing".
  • Install our plugin by clicking on Install.
  • Once installed and activated, go to the WordPress Administration Panel in the new Lawwwing tab.
  • You will need to fill out the form with 2 values that you can obtain in your user panel on our website

Can I install only the Cookie Banner?

Yes, you can install only the Cookie Banner, but to comply with privacy and cookie regulations, you need to make the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy available to users of your website, and with Lawwwing you can get everything together. Why limit yourself to installing the Cookie Banner if you can ensure that your website complies with regulations?

Where can I get help with the installation?

Fill out the contact form or write to us at and we will get in touch with you to resolve any questions you may have.

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